Primary Considerations During Mould Remediation


Everyone knows how much damage mould can cause to an otherwise beautiful environment at home. Other than being unpleasant, some moulds are dangerous and release toxins, which might present health challenges if inhaled. While some mould removal activities can be undertaken through DIY processes, it is advisable to always invite professionals that are well versed in remediation activities. Read on to find out the essential factors to consider during mould removal.

16 July 2020

Is Your Workplace About to Get an Office Dog? Don't Forget About the Extra Cleaning


Imagine sitting at your desk, hard at work, while your co-worker sits next to you, taking a long nap, occasionally waking up to lick themselves, before drifting off to sleep again. Wouldn't it be wonderful? This is something to expect when your office is about to implement a pet-friendly policy. Dogs in the office can be highly beneficial in terms of reducing employee stress and creating a more relaxing working environment.

3 June 2020

Understanding Commercial Hydro Excavation


The main idea behind hydro excavation is the use of water under high pressure to dig holes or trenches into the ground. This method is used mostly when the features or assets (for example, piping and cables) underground have not been mapped and the digger or excavator does not want to cause damage to these assets. A digging truck with a metallic drill or bucket can cause damage, but a hydro excavation truck offers a softer touch with more control to minimise or eliminate the chances of damage.

27 February 2020

What You Need to Know About Commercial Cleaning Supplies


Every commercial building requires a clean environment for work to be done successfully and for employees to remain healthy. A clean environment also helps improve the morale of employees and portrays a good picture to clients who visit the office, workplace or business. Are you planning on hiring the services of a cleaning company or do you want to hire cleaning staff? This is the first decision you should make because it determines the preparations you need to make:

24 February 2020

Commonly Ignored Office Cleaning Supplies


Offices get messy from time to time, and that is why most businesses hire the services of commercial cleaners. While workplace cleaners do an excellent job with everyday cleaning tasks, commercial cleaning services specialise in thorough cleaning and reach for the nooks and crannies ignored by regular workplace cleaners. That said, if you are going to spend money on commercial office cleaning, it is essential to hire the right service provider.

7 February 2020

Top Strategies to Prepare the Office for Professional Cleaning


It has been a few months since you secured office space in a commercial building, and now you believe that it is time to clean the office. Professional commercial cleaning service providers are your go-to partner because they have the necessary expertise to ensure your office is spotless. Most businesses prefer to conduct such cleaning during the weekend because it gives the commercial cleaner enough time to do their work. If you have to clean your office on a weekday, then it would have to be done overnight, and this can be tricky.

6 February 2020