Three Ways to Remove Mild Mould at Home


Mould thrives in dark, warm and moist areas; therefore, identifying it in your home can be difficult. Unfortunately, it gives mould room to spread right under your nose, and the damage will already have been done by the time you spot the mould. Thus, it is vital to regularly inspect your home and remove mould as soon as you notice it. Removing mould early enough stops its spread and eliminates the need for a time-consuming removal process.

3 May 2022

Hardwood Floor Maintenance: Three Crucial Guidelines for Effective Polishing


Hardwood floors are beneficial in both commercial and residential buildings. In general, these surfaces have a great visual appeal that enhances the ambience of interior spaces. Also, the material is durable and can withstand the stress of long-term use. Additionally, when the timber experiences wear, you can plan for surface refinishing. However, you should note that hardwood floors require regular maintenance for ideal performance. One of the critical tasks for keeping these surfaces looking good is polishing.

2 November 2021

Top Reasons to Hire Deceased Estate Cleaning Service


Dealing with the death of a close friend or relative is never easy. The last thing you need during your grief is to clean up the deceased's estate. Sorting through the endless amount of the deceased's belongings can be devastating.  Besides, if you plan to sell the estate, you will need to prepare it for sale. That means cleaning, restoring, and repairing, which can be daunting. That is why it is best to hire a professional cleaning company.

30 June 2021

Two Reasons to Have Your Property's Carpets Steam-Cleaned Before It Goes on the Market


Here are two reasons to get your home's carpets steam-cleaned before the property goes on the market. To make the carpets smell fresh (without exacerbating any potential buyers' allergies) One of the many perks of having a cleaner use carpet steam-cleaning equipment on your floors is that it will get rid of any odours that the carpets may have developed over the years. This is because the steam kills the bacteria that cause the odours.

5 May 2021

How Do Anti-Gawk Screens Keep Your Roadworks Project Safe?


If you're working on a road project and you can't completely close down the road while you work, then you need to install crash barriers. These barriers help drivers keep to open parts of the road. They also minimise damage to people and property if a car runs into them. However, barriers alone won't give you a full safety solution. For more protection, you should hire anti-gawk screens as well. These screens fix on to barriers to make them higher; they block your site from view.

19 April 2021

Two Tips for First-Time Users of Commercial Window Cleaning Services


If you're new to the use of commercial window cleaning services, you'll probably find this advice helpful. 1. Choose a time which will ensure the window cleaning won't disturb your clients or staff It's important to be considerate of your clients and staff when deciding when the commercial window cleaner should come and wash the premises' windows. For example, if you run a beauty salon, then you should ensure the window cleaning is done between your clients' appointments.

25 March 2021

When Professional Cleaning Services Is The Best Solution for a Clean Office Floor


Even if you clean your office floor daily, you might not have sufficient time to do it thoroughly. Because of that, the floor might get stained or discoloured over time. Besides, dust tends to accumulate on surfaces quickly in business premises. An unclean office not only tarnishes your brand image, but it can make you lose your hard-earned customers quickly. To avoid that, you should consider hiring professional cleaning services to assist you with the cleaning responsibilities.

26 February 2021

3 Key Steps in Mould Remediation


Mould makes a home look filthy. Besides, mould becomes a health hazard when allowed to grow unchecked. However, the one thing that keeps homeowners awake at night is the ability of mould to compromise the structural integrity of a property. Therefore, it is crucial to get rid of mould, whether it is hidden in the basement or plain sight. It is advisable to hire mould remediation service providers for the best results.

11 February 2021

Essential Facts Hotel Managers Should Know About Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Technology


Carpets can get dirty pretty quickly, mainly when placed in high traffic areas like hotel lobbies and corridors. When cleaning high traffic areas, a carpet should dry quickly to avoid major inconveniences. However, it can be overwhelming for hotel management to choose the best technique with different carpet cleaning methods available. A carpet cleaning technology that has been in existence for decades but is increasingly becoming popular in Australia is the encapsulation or encap method.

22 January 2021

Do Commercial Cleaning Services Add Value to Your Business? 4 Ways They Do It


Everyone likes working in a clean and organised environment. However, few business owners understand what it takes to have a spotlessly clean and organised working space for their employees, partners, associates, and clients. To most people, having one person handling a janitor's role is enough to keep the premises clean. However, this is rarely true because most of the time, janitors do not receive any training in professional cleaning.  If you want your office spaces to look clean, organised, and in line with your brand image, you have to invest in trained and professional commercial cleaners.

10 December 2020