The Benefits of a Clean Home

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What You Need to Know About Commercial Cleaning Supplies


Every commercial building requires a clean environment for work to be done successfully and for employees to remain healthy. A clean environment also helps improve the morale of employees and portrays a good picture to clients who visit the office, workplace or business. Are you planning on hiring the services of a cleaning company or do you want to hire cleaning staff?

This is the first decision you should make because it determines the preparations you need to make:

Hiring Cleaning Staff

If you choose this option, you need to ensure that you know everything there is to know about how dirty your office environment can get, the kind of dirt you can expect, the cleaning supplies you need, how to train your cleaning staff, etc.

Different cleaning products are suitable for different kinds of stains, dirt, contaminants, etc. For example, a kitchen, hospital and toilet might require different cleaning products. As a company owner, you should know them and find out whether they are eco-friendly. If air fresheners are used, are your employees allergic to them?

You also need to know the different pieces of cleaning equipment. These may include mop buckets and wringers, brushes and mops, paper towels and dispensers, spray bottles, squeegees and scrapers, cleaning trolleys, a storage room, a cleaning staff room, janitorial and hand wash sinks, personal protective gear, etc. Of course, you may or may not require some of these items, which mostly depends on your office needs.

Hiring A Cleaning Company

The good thing about a cleaning company is that your workload is reduced. As you can see above, you have to think about so many factors and make sure the cleaning staff follows your instructions. You might also have to buy expensive cleaning equipment.

A hiring company has years of experience in cleaning different kinds of business premises. All you have to do is ensure that you hire a cleaning company that specialises in cleaning your particular business. You also need to inform the cleaning companies whether your employees are allergic to any detergents to prevent respiratory or allergic problems.

The cleaning company can handle the rest because it has all the necessary cleaning supplies and labour. All they need is time to do their cleaning without disturbance; usually when employees are not in the office. You may, however, be required to have a room set aside for the cleaning company, where the cleaning personnel can change and store their belongings. Janitorial and hand wash sinks might also be required. 

To learn more, look for a cleaning service near you. 


24 February 2020