The Benefits of a Clean Home

Hello, there! We all know thar it can be very hard to keep on top of the cleaning which needs to be completed in your home. Thankfully, we have created this blog which will provide you with a step-by-step guide to keeping your house clean. While this might not be a pro blog, it is populated by people who work very hard to research different topics before publishing them here. We aim to explore how cleaning your carpet, your walls, and your upholstery can help you to lead a healthier and happier life. Please check back soon for our latest updates. Thank you!

What's the Best Way to Keep Your Carpet Clean All Summer?


During the summer months, carpets are bound to collect more grime and dust than any other period. This is facilitated by the regular parties, cookouts, family gatherings, and the fact that children are home throughout. Besides, your pets can also stain the carpeting or shed their winter coats, causing odours. As such, it's crucial to put in place stringent measures to keep the carpet clean all summer long regardless of the challenges. Here are some handy tips you should consider.

Clean the carpet professionally

One of the effective ways to remove bacteria, soils, detergent residues, and allergens from your carpeting is through seeking professional carpet cleaning services. Since carpets take a beating in summer and accumulate lots of dirt, you will need this service.

Carpet cleaning professionals know the best techniques and products to use, and will leave the carpet spotless no matter how dirty it is. The cleaning can be done before or after social events like family reunions or parties. The experts will also share vital maintenance tips that will prove useful all summer long, depending on your environment and type of carpeting you own.

Vacuum the carpeting frequently

Another effective intervention you can consider to keep the carpet clean is to vacuum it often. Do this after a few days or weekly to get rid of the dirt, dust, and other allergens before they hide on the carpet fibres. Besides avoiding the accumulation of dirt, vacuuming will prevent the gradual wear and abrasion of the fibres caused by dirt particles and sand. If you are hosting many people in your home, then the frequency may increase.

Encourage your loved ones to stay outside

Summer months offer an excellent opportunity for people to spend time outdoors doing the activities they like. However, over reliance on electrical gadgets often forces people to stay indoors even when they should be enjoying the weather outside. Therefore, encourage your loved ones to spend more time outside. This will give them a chance to connect with nature and keep dirt, mud, and foot traffic off the carpets and rugs.

Don't ignore spills or stains

Any of your loved ones or guests can spill juice, ice cream, or beer on your carpet. Before summer sets in, be sure to equip yourself with the necessary cleaners to eliminate spills right away. You may buy a natural stain remover, pieces of cloths, and paper towels. This way, it will be easy to clean up spills right away instead of allowing them to set in and cause stains.


26 October 2020