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What You Need to Know About Pet Urine Rug Treatment


It is not uncommon for your pet to urinate on your rug. Pet urine contains some stain-causing chemicals, meaning you need to clean your rug as soon as possible before the urine forms a stubborn stain. What should you do?

You have two options:

  • DIY cleaning
  • Seek pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists

Seeking pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists is the most recommended option. Learn why below:

There Are Different Types of Rugs

A rug can be made from cotton, silk, synthetic, wool, etc. It can also have different kinds of dyes within its fibres. If you have no idea about the constructs of your rug and what can damage it, do not try out any DIY cleaning. You might end up with a permanently ruined rug, meaning you need to go back to the store to buy a new one.

Pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists know such things because they have acquired the knowledge through a rug cleaning and treatment course and gathered experience from several months or years doing the work. This is a kind of guarantee that they know what they are doing and won't damage your rug.

What Should You Do When Your Pet Urinates On Your Rug?

Dab the area with a dry towel to get excess urine out. The second thing you need to do is carefully lift your rug to expose the area beneath the rug, which might be your floor. Clean the area and let it dry. Don't lay your rug back yet, contact a pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialist near you via phone and inform them what happened. You might be asked some questions after which you will be advised on what to do next. You might be required to take your rug to them or they might collect it from your premises.

How Do Pet Urine Rug Cleaning and Treatment Specialists Handle Your Rug?

The first thing the pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialist team does is to analyse your rug to determine its constructs. They then analyse the stain to determine detergents and treatment options that will not only clean the stain out but leave your rug undamaged and the environment unpolluted.

Expect to be asked questions like whether there are individuals in your home who are allergic to various things. This mainly helps the pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists to choose products and treatments that don't cause allergies. They also not only clean the pet urine-stained area but the whole rug as well.

For more information on pet urine rug treatments, reach out to a local cleaning service.


4 August 2020