Do Commercial Cleaning Services Add Value to Your Business? 4 Ways They Do It


Everyone likes working in a clean and organised environment. However, few business owners understand what it takes to have a spotlessly clean and organised working space for their employees, partners, associates, and clients. To most people, having one person handling a janitor's role is enough to keep the premises clean. However, this is rarely true because most of the time, janitors do not receive any training in professional cleaning.  If you want your office spaces to look clean, organised, and in line with your brand image, you have to invest in trained and professional commercial cleaners.

10 December 2020

What Can You Expect of Professional Lawn Service Companies?


All over Australia, businesses make use of commercial lawn services to keep their green areas in good condition. It is not just sports clubs that need well-maintained lawns. If you have a patch of grass in your firm's car park or around your office building, then it will be one of the first things that any visitors see. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, investing in a commercial lawn services provider to keep it looking good is essential.

5 November 2020

What's the Best Way to Keep Your Carpet Clean All Summer?


During the summer months, carpets are bound to collect more grime and dust than any other period. This is facilitated by the regular parties, cookouts, family gatherings, and the fact that children are home throughout. Besides, your pets can also stain the carpeting or shed their winter coats, causing odours. As such, it's crucial to put in place stringent measures to keep the carpet clean all summer long regardless of the challenges.

26 October 2020

3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Carpet Dryer


Carpets are a great flooring option as they add a layer of comfort and sophistication in your house. If you own a carpet, however, you also understand that maintaining them can be challenging. For instance, you have to wash the carpet whenever there are spills before they start stinking or develop stains. But that is not the only problem.  Do you always have trouble drying your carpets? Well, you are not alone.

2 September 2020

What You Need to Know About Pet Urine Rug Treatment


It is not uncommon for your pet to urinate on your rug. Pet urine contains some stain-causing chemicals, meaning you need to clean your rug as soon as possible before the urine forms a stubborn stain. What should you do? You have two options: DIY cleaning Seek pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists Seeking pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialists is the most recommended option. Learn why below:

4 August 2020

Primary Considerations During Mould Remediation


Everyone knows how much damage mould can cause to an otherwise beautiful environment at home. Other than being unpleasant, some moulds are dangerous and release toxins, which might present health challenges if inhaled. While some mould removal activities can be undertaken through DIY processes, it is advisable to always invite professionals that are well versed in remediation activities. Read on to find out the essential factors to consider during mould removal.

16 July 2020

Is Your Workplace About to Get an Office Dog? Don't Forget About the Extra Cleaning


Imagine sitting at your desk, hard at work, while your co-worker sits next to you, taking a long nap, occasionally waking up to lick themselves, before drifting off to sleep again. Wouldn't it be wonderful? This is something to expect when your office is about to implement a pet-friendly policy. Dogs in the office can be highly beneficial in terms of reducing employee stress and creating a more relaxing working environment.

3 June 2020