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Is Your Workplace About to Get an Office Dog? Don't Forget About the Extra Cleaning


Imagine sitting at your desk, hard at work, while your co-worker sits next to you, taking a long nap, occasionally waking up to lick themselves, before drifting off to sleep again. Wouldn't it be wonderful? This is something to expect when your office is about to implement a pet-friendly policy. Dogs in the office can be highly beneficial in terms of reducing employee stress and creating a more relaxing working environment. One of the determining factors of allowing a dog in the workplace will have to be the ability to maintain a sanitary working space. This means that additional cleaning considerations must be implemented.

Tell Your Cleaning Staff

The arrival of the dog should not be a surprise for your cleaning staff. If commercial cleaners handle the bulk of your cleaning needs after hours, then they must be informed well in advance of the dog's first day at the office. They will need to be told the specific days that the dog will be on the premises (if it's not every workday), and the primary location within the office where the dog's bedding will be positioned. This is not going to be where the dog remains for the entirety of the working day, but it will be where they spend most of their time.

The Dog's Bedding

The dog's primary location during the day will require some extra attention. This can be as simple as a more vigorous vacuuming than would otherwise be warranted if only to remove hairs from the carpet. The location might also require periodic deodorising. It's best if the dog is given a pillow-style bed with a removable cover for the office. The cover can be removed on a regular basis, taken home by the dog's owner on weekends, and washed. This will at least minimise the amount of hair that is shed onto the carpet.

Accidents Happen

It's not as though your office dog will utilise the staff toilet, and while they will need regular toilet breaks outside, accidents can still happen. If the dog should urinate or defecate inside the office, this will need to be cleaned up immediately. The mess should be scooped up, sealed inside a plastic bag (which is then disposed of in the outside bin, and not an inside office bin), and any leftover residue must be treated with an appropriate enzyme-based cleaning spray. For extra surety, ask your commercial cleaning services company if they have access to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, even if they don't ordinarily use it when cleaning your office. This allows for the site of the accident to be thoroughly spot cleaned.

The arrival of a dog in the office can be an exciting change, but you need to be sure that your office is well-equipped to clean up the extra mess. 

If you need help cleaning your office, contact a commercial cleaning service.


3 June 2020