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Understanding Commercial Hydro Excavation


The main idea behind hydro excavation is the use of water under high pressure to dig holes or trenches into the ground. This method is used mostly when the features or assets (for example, piping and cables) underground have not been mapped and the digger or excavator does not want to cause damage to these assets. A digging truck with a metallic drill or bucket can cause damage, but a hydro excavation truck offers a softer touch with more control to minimise or eliminate the chances of damage.

Where Does the Cleaning Aspect of Hydro Excavation Come in Play?

The hydro excavation process works by shooting water under high pressure to a surface for a short duration of time, and then it is turned off. Of course, there will be a pool of water mixed with debris. To be able to see how far the hole or trench has been dug, the pool of water has to be drained so it is sucked out (the hydro excavator truck has suction capabilities). If more digging is required, the hydro excavator is turned on again to shoot more water. This process continues until the required depth is attained or the asset requiring maintenance or repair is fully exposed.

The shooting water method can also be used to clean stormwater drains and also drain pipes. Since water is supplied at high pressure, it can get rid of stuck debris and even clear clogs. The wastewater can then be sucked and disposed of.

Hydro excavation can also be used for cleaning vehicles; instead of going to the car wash, you can let the car wash come to you.

How to Hire Commercial Hydro Excavation Services

You need to first identify what hydro excavation services you need (stormwater drain cleaning, car wash, clog or blockage clearing, pipe cleaning, mud drilling, trench diffing, cable and pipe location, etc.).

Once you identify the service, visit the website of the hydro excavation company to find out whether it offers the service you need. If it is not clear, give the company a call and ask; don't forget to ask about pricing.

For some services like a car wash, you can get a rough quote; however, other services might require the hydro excavation company to send representatives to your premises to carry out some inspection and exploratory work, which helps identify how much work is needed. With such information, you can get an accurate quote.

Try and find a company near your premises to make work easier, quicker and cheaper. Since the hydro excavation truck has to get to your premise, you don't want to make the distance long; the company might charge you for fuel.


27 February 2020