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How Do Anti-Gawk Screens Keep Your Roadworks Project Safe?


If you're working on a road project and you can't completely close down the road while you work, then you need to install crash barriers. These barriers help drivers keep to open parts of the road. They also minimise damage to people and property if a car runs into them.

However, barriers alone won't give you a full safety solution. For more protection, you should hire anti-gawk screens as well. These screens fix on to barriers to make them higher; they block your site from view.

How do these screens boost safety?

Reduce Worker Accidents

Your crew will work close to traffic even if you install barriers around each part of the road as you work on it. While crash barriers give them one kind of protection, they might still get injured on the job.

For example, if cars hit stones, chips and rocks on the road, then they could fly up in the air. If this happens close to your site, then they could hit your workers. They could get cuts and bruises that need treatment. More serious injuries could take them out of action for a while.

Anti-gawk screens create a useful line of defence here. Anything that might get thrown up off the road hits screens rather than people.

Keep Drivers Focused

While drivers should avoid distractions on the road, they sometimes lose concentration if they see something unusual. If they can see you working, then they might look over to see what you are doing.

Or, you might accidentally send stuff over low barriers as you work. Drivers might get distracted if even small stones or pieces of gravel come over the barrier and in front of their cars.

You only have to take your eye off the road for a second to increase the risk of an accident. If you use anti-gawk screens, then drivers can't watch your crew at work. They won't have to deal with flying objects coming off your site. They stay focused and safe.

Restrict Site Access

If your job lasts more than a day, then you might want to leave your equipment on-site at night. If you only have low crash barriers around it, then people might climb over them. Some people might use your site as a shortcut; others might want to mess around with your equipment and machines. In either case, people could have or cause accidents.

Anti-gawk screens make your barriers a lot higher. They are hard to scale, so you shouldn't have site access problems.

To see some examples of anti-gawk screens, contact road maintenance equipment hire professionals.


19 April 2021