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Essential Facts Hotel Managers Should Know About Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Technology


Carpets can get dirty pretty quickly, mainly when placed in high traffic areas like hotel lobbies and corridors. When cleaning high traffic areas, a carpet should dry quickly to avoid major inconveniences. However, it can be overwhelming for hotel management to choose the best technique with different carpet cleaning methods available. A carpet cleaning technology that has been in existence for decades but is increasingly becoming popular in Australia is the encapsulation or encap method. Read on to know more about encapsulation carpet cleaning technology and why you should request for the service next time.

Encapsulation Explained  

The encapsulation cleaning technique uses a cleaning solution comprising a crystallising acrylic polymer responsible for removing dirt from a carpet. Besides the polymer, the cleaning solution may contain components like surfactants and other ingredients for loosening the bond between grime, dirt, grease, and carpet fibres. The encapsulation solution is applied to a carpet and agitated to reach carpet fibres using different agitation methods.  You can opt to use either a rotary machine, a compressor sprayer, a brush applicator, or a counter rotary brush. The cleaning solution absorbs dirt and crystallises around carpet fibres. Therefore, a carpet should be vacuumed to remove the crystallised dirt. Note that vacuuming should be done regularly to collect crystals formed during encapsulation. 

Why You Need Encapsulation 

A lot of dry particulate matter can be eliminated through dry vacuuming. The remaining dirt, which leaves a sticky residue on a carpet, can only be removed by professionals through encapsulation cleaning. A properly formulated encapsulation product eliminates the stickiness caused by various factors, including over-the-counter dirt removers, liquid spills, and surfactants from previously used carpet cleaning agents. Note that if you do not eliminate the stickiness, a carpet will easily and quickly attract dirt. Therefore, the encapsulation carpet cleaning technique reduces the frequency of cleaning and the resultant cost of professional cleaning. 

Choice of Encapsulation Detergent  

The quality of the solution used in encapsulation cleaning can make or break a carpet cleaning job. A reliable test for determining an encapsulation detergent's quality is to leave a few drops in a glass dish for a day or more. A perfect product should form crystals, while a poor-quality product will produce a gooey and sticky substance, resembling imperfectly-formed crystals. A proper formulation must form crystals faster to remove dirt from a carpet effectively. 

To learn more about encapsulation cleaning, reach out to a local carpet cleaning service.


22 January 2021