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What Can You Expect of Professional Lawn Service Companies?


All over Australia, businesses make use of commercial lawn services to keep their green areas in good condition. It is not just sports clubs that need well-maintained lawns. If you have a patch of grass in your firm's car park or around your office building, then it will be one of the first things that any visitors see. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, investing in a commercial lawn services provider to keep it looking good is essential. To be clear, this goes far beyond turning up once a month to cut the grass for you. So, what else can you expect of professional lawn servicing companies today?

Weeds and Moss

Because most commercial lawn service providers are also well-versed in green-keeping at places like tennis and golf clubs, you can expect a great deal of attention to detail with unwanted vegetation. This might come down to something as simple as cutting hedges back so that the lawn obtains more sunlight. However, vegetation removal is also a big part of what is on offer. Weeds and moss can often build up within well-watered lawns so you need to be proactive in removing them before they spread out and overtake the rate of growth of the grass. If you want healthy-looking, lush grass, then frequent weeding and moss removal is essential.

Soil Aeration

Many people do not understand just how important it is to maintain the soil that lawns grow on if you want a healthy and natural appearance. Grass will only ever be as good as what it grows in, so for best results, it is important to improve the soil by aerating it. This may involve hand forking or using specialist equipment that is designed for larger patches of grass. Also, scarifying the surface of the lawn will help to improve light penetration by removing dead or weak blades of grass. This process will also agitate the topsoil, thereby promoting healthier growth.

Nutritional Requirements

Commercial lawn services should also include feeding the grass from time to time. A few times a year will be enough to replace all of the nutrients that have been taken up by the natural growth that occurs each season. Simply put, watering your lawn is not enough to keep it looking verdant year on year. You also need to feed lawns with the right sort of nutrients. This is commonly done by diluting a lawn feed mix and spraying it over the lawn.


5 November 2020