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Hardwood Floor Maintenance: Three Crucial Guidelines for Effective Polishing


Hardwood floors are beneficial in both commercial and residential buildings. In general, these surfaces have a great visual appeal that enhances the ambience of interior spaces. Also, the material is durable and can withstand the stress of long-term use. Additionally, when the timber experiences wear, you can plan for surface refinishing. However, you should note that hardwood floors require regular maintenance for ideal performance. One of the critical tasks for keeping these surfaces looking good is polishing. If you are planning for this upkeep process, use these simple guidelines to enhance your hardwood flooring.

Choose a Polisher

If you would like to handle the polishing work without professional help, you will need to acquire a floor polisher. These pieces of equipment can be acquired through purchase or hire. When choosing a polisher, check the specifications outlined. Some of the critical factors to consider include the speed of polishing pads, machine weight, motor power and even cable length. Also, select an ergonomic model with a comfortable working width to ensure comfortable polishing. You can opt for professional polishing, and the experts will provide the equipment. Most cleaning services companies have hardwood polishing capabilities. Therefore, you can find a suitable match in your locale for regular polishing.

Clean the Floor

The hardwood floor should be clean before the polishing process begins. In simple terms, do not attempt to use your polisher when the service is covered in dust and dirt. Plan for cleaning to guarantee the best outcome. Vacuum the floor first to eliminate debris and the layer of dust. Then, use a suitable mop for the elimination of residue dust. Do not make the floor overly wet, but the mop must be damp for good results. Allow enough time for the floor to dry before polishing the floor to prevent an unfavourable reaction due to moisture.

Polish the Floor

The process of polishing the floor is straightforward in theory. However, it takes time to develop the right technique to achieve the perfect outcome. In general, this task should begin with the application of a suitable care product like hardwood polish. Choose a high-quality item with protective properties on hardwood. Avoid products with toxic or pungent ingredients to avoid a residue smell in your space. Apply the material and use the floor polisher to buff the floor. Polish along the grain at a slow pace. Check the level of shine on the surface and ensure that the entire room is uniform. Do not use the floor immediately to avoid unsightly streaks and marks. 

Reach out to a local cleaning service to learn more about floor polishers.


2 November 2021