The Benefits of a Clean Home

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Two Reasons to Have Your Property's Carpets Steam-Cleaned Before It Goes on the Market


Here are two reasons to get your home's carpets steam-cleaned before the property goes on the market.

To make the carpets smell fresh (without exacerbating any potential buyers' allergies)

One of the many perks of having a cleaner use carpet steam-cleaning equipment on your floors is that it will get rid of any odours that the carpets may have developed over the years. This is because the steam kills the bacteria that cause the odours. After the cleaner uses this equipment on your carpets, you'll notice that the carpets don't have any particular scent, but simply smell clean. This is because the cleaner won't use detergents, but will instead just use steam.

This is worth noting, as whilst you might enjoy the fresh scents of carpet detergents, the potential buyers who will be walking on your carpeted floors might not, and may instead find them sickly or overpowering. Furthermore, some of these people might have allergies that are set off by inhaling scented products; if people like this view your property, they might spend the viewing being distracted by their watering eyes, running noses or itchy throats and might not, therefore, notice your home's many wonderful features.

If you're concerned about the carpets developing new odours in between the time you get them steam-cleaned and the time at which the viewings will begin (because, for example, you have dogs who regularly lie and walk on these carpets), you can always purchase an unscented carpet-odour neutraliser and sprinkle a bit of this powder on the carpets before each vacuuming session you do. This should prevent the carpets' odours from returning before you start having viewings.

To turn the carpets into a selling point

If your carpets were once quite pretty, but their lovely patterns are harder to appreciate due to the grime on them, and their once-soft fibres now feel rough due to being coated in dirt, then you should have them steam-cleaned before your home goes on the market.

The steam-cleaning process could remove the grime and dirt that is disguising the quality of your carpets. By doing this, it could turn your carpets into a selling point, as buyers will know that if they purchase your home, they won't have to rip out any carpeting and fit new flooring before they can move their possessions into the property. In short, it's possible that the presence of clean and soft carpets could, in conjunction with your home's other selling points, convince a person to make an offer.

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5 May 2021